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Dizzy Ducklings Pre-Schools 

Local Offer


SEN Local Offer

How does the early years setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

It is always lovely to meet with parents/carers and their children before they join is at Dizzy Ducklings. This gives both the adult and child the opportunity to see us and get a feel of our warm and caring environment. We understand that every child is unique and individual and their needs can be different. At this meeting any concerns that a parent may have can be expressed confidentially.

In those first few important weeks your child will be observed closely by their key person and any concerns they may have will be discussed with you. Then if appropriate we will advise you and ask for permission to seek support from WSCC early years Advisory team.

2) How will the early years setting staff support my child?

Before your child starts with us we ask you to fill out an “ALL ABOUT ME!” form. This will give their key person some idea of their favourite toys, feelings, and routine, how they communicate and about members of their family and special relationships. We would use all this information to help your child settle in with us. These details are continually updated by both the setting and the parents on the child’s Tapestry learning journal.

As our policy states “children settle best when they have a key person to relate to, who knows them and their parents well, and who can meet their individual needs.”

At Dizzy Ducklings we understand that children develop at their own rates and their own ways. Knowing our children individually and working together we support them in their learning. We promote positive praise and progression in all their development and achievements. We observe the children at play and use this for planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing their individual educational plans (NEXT STEPS)

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

Here at Dizzy Ducklings we value all children and their learning, and we use the EYFS (early year’s foundation stage) as a guide for the curriculum which will be adapted by the key person to meet your child’s individual needs. We observe, monitor and plan and adapt activities and resources so every child can be included to develop their learning.

A document called ‘What to expect when? ’ is shared with the parents supporting home learning and development in the early years foundation stage.

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

All the Dizzy Ducklings team work with the Development matters in the early years foundation stage (EYFS).Observations are recorded and shared with you in our one to one meetings every six weeks. By working together any area may be highlighted for need for extra support. Following EYFS for guidance and recording progress, we complete a two year old check for children between age two and three, this will show us and the parents a starting point for their child’s development stage. This would also highlight if extra support needed. Then together we would plan small steps to achieve the best outcomes. The key person and the setting SENCO/INCO (special educational needs co coordinator/inclusion coordinator) will meet with you and discuss your child’s development and ways both the setting and the home environment can be of support. We celebrate achievements made both at home and in the setting, we call this “our proud clouds “and we share this with them and their peers. Newsletters are added to tapestry to keep you updated what is happening at Dizzy Ducklings. Our notice board in our entrance area will have updates of events and support agencies eg Speech and language, Enabling families.

Communication is very important and parents can meet with us informally at the beginning or end of every session, or more formally to discuss any issues at length.

What support will there be for my child’s overall wellbeing?

Here at Dizzy Ducklings we promote Independence, teaching and guiding the children .We support the children to feel good about their own success. Our setting values diversity and promotes equality.

We adapt activities to make inclusive for all. Our journals are on Tapestry and parents have access to their child’s journals and reports at any time. We have an open door policy where parents can visit or contact us at any time.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the early years setting?

At Dizzy Ducklings we work with professionals such as the WSCC Early years Advisory team, our local children’s and family centres in Bognor Regis, speech and language therapist and health visitors. Working towards the best outcome for your child’s learning and development.

What training are the staff, supporting children with SEND, had or having?

All our staff understand the importance of supporting all children and meeting their needs. They follow our setting polices and work to best practice .We share information in our staff meetings and in house training sessions.

We have a trained SENCO/INCO who works alongside the key person and the families. All staff have training with child protection and are all paediatric first aiders.

Within the Dizzy Ducklings settings we have EYT (Early years teacher lead professionals) Staff members are trained on Early speech and language. As a setting we continuously develop our skills and knowledge by attending training sessions.

How will my child be included in activities outside the early years setting including trips?

As part of our learning programme we go on off site visits around our local area. Risk assessments are made beforehand. All of our children’s needs are meet and every child can be included on these visits.

How accessible is the early years setting environment? (Indoors & Outdoors)

Felpham Dizzy Ducklings opened in January 2018 is located in a beautiful bright new community Hall built in 2017 and therefore has recently passed all health and safety regulations .The building is all on one level and has easy access both inside and outside areas. The centre has disabled toilet as well as male and female toilets.

There is a small step to the garden from the sports hall, however the garden can also be accessed through a gate which is all one level.

Our entrance area has a welcome board and low level doorbell for visitors and those who would like assistance, we are always happy to help.

Aldwick Dizzy Ducklings opened in October 2016 and it is located in a Church hall which was built in 1971.There is plenty of parking for visitors and families who attend with us.

The church hall provides four toilets including a disabled toilet. The hall the preschool uses is large and bright it has plenty of windows providing natural light as well as a beautiful view of the St Richards Church opposite. It has low level radiators which are controlled by a thermostat in the hall. The hall has three fire doors leading onto the car park area which the children would be assisted on evacuation.

There is a step both at the entrance area and to access the garden from the hall. However we have a portable ramp which we can use when need in our entrance area. The step to the garden has a hand rail for support. Our entrance area has a welcome board and low level doorbell for visitors and those who would like assistance, we are always happy to help.

North Bersted, Dizzy Ducklings opened in February 2013, is located in a beautiful bright new community centre built in 2013 and therefore has recently passed all health and safety regulations .The building is all on one level and has easy access both inside and outside areas, it has disabled toilets as well as a small child toilet.

Our Ofsted states “All children can easily access a very wide selection of activities and resources to encourage their all-round development.” The children have the freedom to move between indoor and outdoor play, which gives them independence and freedom of choice.

How will the early years setting prepare and support my child to join the early years setting, transfer to a new school?

Here at Dizzy Ducklings we follow our policy “We prepare children for this transition and involve parents and the receiving setting or school in this process. We prepare records about a child’s development and learning in the EYFS in our setting.”

We build up good relations with the feeding school, arranging visits for their teachers to come to our setting. We provide school uniforms for the relevant school for our role play area. We display photographs, posters and books of “big school “which all promote positive images to make this next step exciting. We plan small groups together to further develop many aspects of learning in preparation for moving on to school.

How are the early years setting’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

All our toys and resources are accessible for all children and are age appropriate. We complete work shop audits and improvement plans for all areas within our setting, ensuring that all children’s needs can be meet. We adapt the environment to support the quality of learning. With parents consent we can contact the WSCC Early year’s Advisory team for support, which may include equipment and resources that they can offer, and that we may receive them in a swift and effective manner. We also use our local WSCC toy library which has a huge range of toys and resources which support children’s learning.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

The key person works closely with the family and the settings SENCO/INCO. It is with parents’ permission that we can always contact other professionals such as the WSCC Early Years advisory team to advise and guide us the best support needed for individual the child.

How are parents involved in the early years setting? How can I be involved?

Parents and carers are always welcome into our setting to play or share their skills or interest with the children. We also provide in our entrance area parent feedback forms which we value and address. We share with parents a daily the activities that children have enjoyed during the morning. We also have a notice board which suggests ideas how they can continue their child’s learning at home following on from their learning at preschool.

Who can I contact for further information?

Please feel free to contact Mrs Jeanette Clapp Support manager

(SENCO/INCO /Child protection officer) at any time with questions or further information you may require 07743431225 [email protected]

Mrs Lizzy Austin founder and owner of Dizzy Ducklings pre-schools.

Offer updated September 2019