Russ Strong

Lizzy Austin

Founder of Dizzy Ducklings

I am incredibly proud to share with you our delightful Dizzy Ducklings Pre-schools and classes which are run by the most welcoming and happy team I have the pleasure to work alongside. All staff work above and beyond their teaching roles to give Dizzy Ducklings the family and community spirited feel I started the business with. My passion is to provide high quality education and experiences to children where they can explore and discover in a safe environment with teachers who truly care and inspire. I began Dizzy Ducklings as I wanted parents to have warm, welcoming groups, classes and to feel part of the community where they could meet other parents and not feel isolated. It truly is a delight to own Dizzy Ducklings and to be in such lovely company with my joyful staff & our amazingly supportive parents and all the wonderful children who make Dizzy Ducklings such a happy place to be. You are always welcome here at Dizzy Ducklings and we are all here to help in anyway we can.

Once a DD always a DD!

Lizzy xx

You are always welcome to visit our settings at anytime.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dizzy Ducklings!